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The Savage Garden
The Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato is considered by many to be the Bible of the carnivorous plant world. It is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in growing carnivorous plants, and is the first book any beginner should read. Peter D'Amato has been raising carnivorous plants for three decades, and his nursery, California Carnivores, houses the world's largest collection of flesh-eating flora. There's not much D'Amato doesn't know about growing these oddballs of the plant world, and he imparts his expertise gracefully and with humor in The Savage Garden, which is aimed at curious gardeners who want to grow carnivorous plants both indoors and out. From the ever-fascinating Venus flytrap to the aquatic bladderwort and the rather extravagantly sexual-looking pitcher plant, these exotic plants have a reputation for being difficult to grow, but D'Amato proves otherwise. The necessary water and soil chemistry, proper lighting, and propagation tips are discussed thoroughly along with descriptions and growing tips for many species in each of 11 plant families.

Growing Carnivorous Plants
For centuries, carnivorous plants have carried an air of fascination and mystique unparalleled in the plant world. Growing Carnivorous Plants is a comprehensive guide to identifying and cultivating these remarkable plants. From the well-known Venus flytrap to obscure African sundews, from the giant pitcher plant vines of Borneo the microscopic bladderworts of Florida, more than 200 species, hybrids and cultivars from all genera of carnivorous plants are described. Included are explanations of the fascinating and diverse mechanisms the plants use to trap their victims. Imitating a plant's natural environment is the key to success in growing carnivorous plants, and this book will help readers select the best plants to grow on a windowsill, in a terrarium or greenhouse. Information on how to feed carnivorous plants will enable even the most squeamish grower to ensure that plants receive the nutrients they require. The book's 400 photographs include both spectacular images from the wild and lovely plants in cultivation.

Pitcher Plants of the Americas
This book presents the most extensive general review of the pitcher plants of the Americas yet undertaken - it is a substantive overview of the systematics, biology, ecology, biogeography, and conservation of the five genera of American pitcher plants, including three genera of true pitcher plants (Darlingtonia, Heliamphora, and Sarracenia) and two genera of carnivorous tank bromeliads (Brocchinia, Catopsis). Here is information about some 45 species, hybrids, and cultivars, consolidated and presented in detail, along with more than 200 spectacular color photographs. This beautiful and informative study of these alluring plants will be appreciated by a wide audience of naturalists, botanists, ecologists, biogeographers, resource managers, and horticulturalists - among others!

Carnivorous Plants
Plants that catch and feed upon animals exert a strange fascination of their own. The mobile tentacles of the Sundews, the snapping lobes of the Venus Fly Trap and the slippery, baited pitfalls of the Pitcher Plants provide the stuff of which science fiction is made. Yet far from being fantasy, these extraordinary organisms are fact, and this book explores in depth the astonishingly subtle manner in which each type of trap entices, catches, and digests its prey. The author focuses on some fifty species, using photographs, line drawings, and diagrams to illustrate their peculiarities. He takes us from his own climate to the mountains of Borneo, through the bushlands of Australia, to the swamps of the Amazon Forest. We find plants whose traps catch only microscopic animals, and others that may trap small reptiles, mammals and even birds. In addition to its spectacular photographs, other important features are the book's world-wide coverage of carnivorous plants (the first since 1942) and its comprehensive chapters on cultivation of the various groups. It will appeal to botanists and zoologists and to the numerous enthusiasts who will find a good many of these intriguing plants easy to grow indoors.

Pitcher Plants of the Old World - Volume 1
Stewart McPherson's exhaustive study of 'Old World' pitcher plants

Pitcher Plants of the Old World - Volume 2
Stewart McPherson's exhaustive study of 'Old World' pitcher plants

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