About Us

About Us

Predatory Plants is owned and operated by Joshua Brown, a longtime carnivorous plant hobbyist. His first experience with these fascinating plants was his 7th Grade science fair project, in which he tested the effects of a vegetarian diet on carnivorous plants by feeding cape sundews tofu. The study was a success, and since then he has always maintained a collection of assorted carnivores.

After receiving a degree in human biology from Stanford, Josh went to work for a small Silicon Valley start-up building a health-care search engine called Medstory. This start-up was bought by Microsoft, and Josh continued his work on the search engine there. Eventually, the technology behind the Medstory engine became part of Microsoft's Bing Search. After several years of working a desk-job, Josh decided it was time to try something new. What could be better than resurrecting his passion for these amazing plants?

Josh With Flower

Our store is located in Half Moon Bay, California. The address and hours of operation can be found at the bottom of our HOME PAGE. Our propagation greenhouse is located in San Francisco, California. This greenhouse is not open to the public.

Please note: The plants sold on this site are either propagated by us, or are purchased from reputable nurseries who propagate them. None of the plants sold on this sites have been collected from the wild, and we at Predatory Plants strongly discourage the practice of wild collection.

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