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International Carnivorous Plant Society - An integral part of the carnivorous plant world. The site has lots of information and grower resources. Members receive a quarterly newsletter, and access to a massive reserve of carnivorous plant seeds.

Carnivorous Plant FAQ - Maintained by Barry Rice, this is a great introduction to the world of carnivorous plants. Any question you have about carnivorous plants can probably be answered here.

Carnivorous Plant Photo Finder - A fantastic resource to find pictures of almost any carnivorous plant.

Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society - Serves the vibrant carnivorous plant community of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Borneo Exotics - One of the premier sources for Nepenthes in the world. Borneo Exotics is located in Sri Lanka, and operates by the motto "conservation through cultivation."

Nepenthes Around the House - An informative site that serves to demystify the requirements for growing Nepenthes.

Insectivorous Plants by Charles Darwin - Darwin published this meticulous study of carnivorous plants in 1875, and it is now available for free online.
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