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Nepenthes truncata "Torrent" x "C"

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New release of seed-grown Nepenthes truncata! We're very excited to release a new set of genetics out there after having distributed hundreds of N. Titanic Tyrant over the last several years. This cross uses another female N. truncata in our program, as well as pollen from a N. truncata "C" that originated from Drew at Carnivero. They're looking nice and beefy, and have good rich red undertones on most individuals. Unlike earlier released of seed-grown N. truncata, this is a single seed set, and wasn't all that large, so only a handful are likely to be sold.

The full designation for this hybrid is Nepenthes truncata "Torrent" × truncata "C". See our Grex Index for more information on our breeding and naming program.

This tropical Nepenthes pitcher plant will be shipped bare-root with a 3" plastic pot and enough top-quality New Zealand long-fiber sphagnum moss to fill it. Planting and growing instructions will also be included.

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