Nepenthes Ventricosa 'Black Peristome' X Ventricosa 'Red'

Nepenthes ventricosa - Seed-grown - N. Virtue's Victory

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Pure horticulturally-produced species! This is a hybrid of the Malesiana Tropicals N. ventricosa "black peristome" with the red variety produced by AG3. While most N. ventricosa available are clones, this set is all unique seed-grown plants. We're excited to see what variation comes out of this cross.

The full designation for this hybrid is Nepenthes ventricosa "black peristome" × ventricosa "red". Click the "Grex Information" tab above for more information on this hybrid. See our Grex Index for more information on our breeding and naming program.

This plant will be shipped bare-root with a 3" plastic pot and enough top-quality New Zealand long-fiber sphagnum moss to fill it. Planting and growing instructions will also be included.