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How do I add Metafields?

Generally you will find this under the 'More actions' dropdown.


How do I add a new blog post?

Go to Online Store > Blog posts
Then click 'Add blog post', in the top right


How do I add a Plant Care Guide?

Add a new blog post. Get to the Edit Blog Post screen (below).
Make sure it is type 'Plant Care'

*Please make sure to title it Common Name (Latin Name)

*and to also provide a Featured image!



How do I add Care info (Planting Guide, Plant Care)?

This information is populated from the Edit Blog screen, in the Content box editor.
Titles use H2 tags while information is best formatted as a Bulleted List.



How do I add Care info (Plant Information)?

From the Edit Blog Post screen, add Metafields and fill out the empty fields



How do I add a new Event to the Events Page?

Add a new blog post with type 'Events'


How do I add a new Tutorial to the Tutorials Page?

Required Steps
1. Add a new blog post with type 'Tutorials'. 
2. Tag it with the desired Category
3. Add the youtube url in the 'Excerpt' field

Add text to the content box, it will appear in your Website's search results listing



How do I change a Tutorial's category?

Remove the old tag, and add/select a new one



How do I re-arrange the Tutorial page's list of categories?

Go to the Shopify Customizer.
Navigate to the tutorials page.
Clicking 'Tutorials Landing Page' will reveal categories that you can Click & Drag



How do I add a new Tutorial Category?

First add a new tag to any Tutorial blog post.
Then add that exact tag via the Shopify Customizer.

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