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It’s hard to miss the giant sign off Highway 92 in Half Moon Bay that reads “Carnivorous Plants." Inside the roadside greenhouse is exactly what the sign says. Courtesy of Josh Brown, owner of Predatory Plants is a nursery that grows a variety of bug eating plants.[READ MORE]


TheSixFifty Article

As an underclassman at Stanford University, Josh Brown cultivated a thriving terrarium with LED lights under his dorm room bed. “People thought I was growing drugs and I kind of let them believe that. It was much less interesting than that,” he chuckles… If you can call carnivorous plants “less interesting.”[READ MORE]

Half Moon Bay Review Article

From the beginning, Josh Brown was destined to deal in carnivorous plants. As a seventh-grade student at Cunha Intermediate School, his science fair project explored the eating habits of a certain plant. Later, while a student studying human biology at Stanford, he was given an award by his freshman dormitory resident adviser predicting that he was most likely to own a carnivorous plant nursery.....[READ MORE]

San Mateo Daily Journal Article

Half Moon Bay native Joshua Brown has been collecting carnivorous plants since seventh-grade. In college, the collection lived in a terrarium under his dorm-room bed. The hobby eventually led to a mail-order nursery business and, in July, Brown opened his first brick-and-mortar carnivorous plants store in his hometown at 12511 San Mateo Road on the Pastorino Farms strip of nurseries....[READ MORE]

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Based in San Francisco in California, Predatory Plants is a carnivorous plant nursery owned and operated by Josh Brown. Last year they announced their internal Nepenthes hybridisation program, which has already brought a number of exciting new crosses to market......[READ MORE]

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