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As an underclassman at Stanford University, Josh Brown cultivated a thriving terrarium with LED lights under his dorm room bed. “People thought I was growing drugs and I kind of let them believe that. It was much less interesting than that,” he chuckles… If you can call carnivorous plants “less interesting.”[READ MORE]

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From the beginning, Josh Brown was destined to deal in carnivorous plants. As a seventh-grade student at Cunha Intermediate School, his science fair project explored the eating habits of a certain plant. Later, while a student studying human biology at Stanford, he was given an award by his freshman dormitory resident adviser predicting that he was most likely to own a carnivorous plant nursery.....[READ MORE]

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Half Moon Bay native Joshua Brown has been collecting carnivorous plants since seventh-grade. In college, the collection lived in a terrarium under his dorm-room bed. The hobby eventually led to a mail-order nursery business and, in July, Brown opened his first brick-and-mortar carnivorous plants store in his hometown at 12511 San Mateo Road on the Pastorino Farms strip of nurseries....[READ MORE]

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Based in San Francisco in California, Predatory Plants is a carnivorous plant nursery owned and operated by Josh Brown. Last year they announced their internal Nepenthes hybridisation program, which has already brought a number of exciting new crosses to market......[READ MORE]