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Strainge Beast

Strainge Beast Kit Instructions

Growing sundews is easy! They just need lots of sun, and lots of water. They prefer very pure water - distilled water or rain water is best for these beautiful carnivorous plants.

Follow these instructions to grow this assortment of sundews from seed:

1) Hydrate the moss: Fill the container with distilled water or rain water and let the moss fully hydrate (10-15 minutes) before pouring off the excess water. The moss should now be very wet.

2) Sterilize the moss: This will ensure that your sundews don't get outcompeted by weeds. Microwave the wet moss for 3 minutes until it's steaming hot. Be careful when handling the hot moss! You can also hydrate the moss with boiling water. Whichever way you choose, let it cool completely before moving on and drain excess water.

3) Sow the seed: Pour the sundew seed from the vial onto your palm. Take a pinch of seed and sprinkle it evenly over the top of the moss. There are hundreds of seeds in every pinch!

4) Let them grow! Keep your container in a very sunny windowsill, or outdoors in the sun in mild weather. Sundews are very light-hungry, and the more light you give them the better they'll do. Generally germination starts after around 2-4 weeks. Keep your moss very wet—there should always be around 1 inch of water in the bottom of the container. Never let it dry out!


• Your moss should be around 1 inch lower than the top of your container. This creates a more humid micro-environment that will help the seeds germinate and the seedlings grow.
• Once you see the dew on your seedlings they can be fed, which will help them grow faster. We recommend dipping a toothpick in a fertilizer solution and dabbing it on the dew drops. A small amount goes a long way!
• Never, ever let your sundews dry out, and always keep them in as much sunlight as possible. The more sun they get the more colorful and dewy they'll be.
• Distilled water or rain water is best. Sundews can't tolerate hard water at all. A well-maintained reverse osmosis (RO) filter can make water usable, but common Brita filters usually aren't enough.
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