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Dormant Venus flytrap bulbs

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We have quite a few dormant Venus flytraps, so we're selling them bare root at a steep discount. This is a opportunity to get lots of flytraps at a low price, perfect for a bog or a school project. These are mature flytraps that are small during dormancy, but which will make large leaves and traps in spring. Please note that these must be potted up immediately, and should be cared for like any other Venus flytrap.

Choose either the Regular, Super, or Ultra packs to get 3, 5, or 7 high-quality dormant flytrap bulbs.

These flytrap bulbs are being sold bare root. Please see the second photo for reference. All bulbs will be sent with fresh potting media and new pots. You will receive 1 pot for a Regular pack, 2 pots for a Super, and 3 for an Ultra. Planting and growing instructions will also be included. Please see our FAQ for more information about dormancy.

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