Nepenthes Grab-Bag

Nepenthes Grab-Bag

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Looking for something extra special? Check out our new Premium Nepenthes Grab-Bag!


Introducing the Nepenthes Grab-Bag. This is a selection of intermediate or highland Nepenthes of our choosing, selected from whatever is looking best in the greenhouse at any given time. Choose either the Regular, Super, or Ultra Grab-Bag to get 3, 5, or 7 beautiful tropical pitcher plants at a discounted price. The best deal for Nepenthes anywhere!

NOTE: Plants in bundles/collections are selected at random. While there will be no doubles in a given bundle, if you order multiple bundles or additional plants you may end up with duplicates in your order.

These plants will be shipped bare-root with 3 3" plastic pots and enough top-quality New Zealand long-fiber sphagnum moss to fill them. Planting and growing instructions will also be included.