Nepenthes Titanic Empire - Medium - Specimen A

Nepenthes Titanic Empire - Medium - Specimen A

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The time has finally come! No cross in our breeding program has generated more interest and excitement than this one, and we're finally making them available.

Nepenthes Titanic Empire is the combination of 2 truly remarkable parents. The female parent N. Titan is the largest, most vigorous N. truncata that we are aware of cultivation. She produces pitcher that can reach over 20", and makes flower stalks that top 7'! Nepenthes Empire is a fabulous specimen of one of the most coveted species. N. edwardsiana is notorious for producing perhaps the most radically shaped peristomes in the genus. They appear to be lined with enormous, razor-sharp plates. The pitchers are huge, long, and deep crimson.

While these offspring are still young, they aren't waiting to declare that they have inherited the very best from both of their parents. They have fantastic, waxy, truncated leaves, and a pitcher-to-leaf ratio that we have never observed before. More importantly, the pitchers have an arresting red coloration, and the beginnings of an absolutely vicious peristome.

The pictures are of the exact plant for sale. We consider this to be our "pick of the litter." It is a medium-sized plant by our measuring standards, and will almost certainly be the largest specimen from this cross that we sell. We plan to sell the rest of the plants in this seed-set long before they get this large, and show this level of traits. This specimen is everything that we hoped for from this cross, and couldn't be more excited for the plant that it will become.

This plant will be shipped bare-root with a 3" plastic pot and enough top-quality New Zealand long-fiber sphagnum moss to fill it. Planting and growing instructions will also be included.

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