Sarracenia flava "Extreme Red Throat"

Sarracenia flava "Extreme Red Throat" - Medium

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Extremely rare in both nature and in cultivation, we are proud to finally have these available! Unlike the regular "cut throat" flava, these extreme red throat variants have solid, bright red pigments that travel up the lid and down the tube of the trap. The extreme red throat flava has well defined red veins artistically painting the underside of the lid, giving it an incredible appearance. This plant certainly sticks out of the crowd!

Some call this plant S. flava var. ornata because of the veining, while others call it S. flava var. rugelii because of the red throat. However, we believe this is actually a new, un-described variant. Hence, we have nick-named it "extreme red throat." Get yours while we still have them in stock!

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