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Butterworts (Pinguicula)


It may be easy to overlook the delicate, unassuming butterwort, but don't be fooled. Butterworts (Pinguicula) are some of the most shockingly effective carnivorous plants around. Butterworts grow rosettes of green or pink leaves covered with tiny droplets of sticky liquid. Small insects become stuck to the leaves, and are slowly digested and absorbed by the butterwort. Butterworts also frequently produce beautiful flowers that tend to resemble tiny orchids.



Butterworts can be easily broken into temperate and tropical varieties. Temperate varieties are mostly found in North America, Europe and Asia. They experience a winter dormancy period when exposed to cold temperatures during which they form a "resting bud" or hibernaculum. These varieties are somewhat rare in cultivation. Tropical varieties are found in Central and South America, with a high concentration in Mexico. They grow and flower year-round, and tend to make easy and attractive companions for indoor-growing tropical plants.


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