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Breeding Stock

Below is a list of all of our breeding Nepenthes parent stock, including links to pages with additional information. Parents on this list have produced plants of salable size. More will be added as subsequent generations of seedlings enter our system. Plants are listed alphabetically by their breeding epithet.


Nepenthes "Dream"N. densiflora × spectabilis "giant"
Nepenthes "Maiden"N. maxima "dark"
Nepenthes "Secret" – N. sanguinea "red"
Nepenthes "Titan"N. truncata
Nepenthes "Torrent" – N. truncata
Nepenthes "Velvet" – N. veitchii "K"
Nepenthes "Virtue"N. ventricosa "black peristome"


Nepenthes "Angel" – N. aristolochioides
Nepenthes "Artist" – N. aristolochioides × mira
Nepenthes "Battle" – N. ×briggsiana "Hortus Botanicus"
Nepenthes "Bounty" – N. bicalcarata "Conservatory of Flowers"
Nepenthes "Lust" – N. lavicola
Nepenthes "Mirror"N. mira
Nepenthes "Oracle" – N. ovata
Nepenthes "Triumph" – N. talangensis
Nepenthes "Trouble" – N. "terrible cross"
Nepenthes "Tyrant" – N. truncata
Nepenthes "Victory"N. ventricosa "red"
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